I’m a Swedish artist with oil as a preferred medium, closely followed by charcoal. The human form, be it a figure or a face, is endlessly intriguing and challenging to me, so that’s what I choose to paint. Composition and painterly rhythm is something I’m constantly thinking about, even when I’m not in front of the easel. 
I’ve had a few solo exhibitions and juried shows in Sweden since I started showing my paintings in 2012. Last year I made it to the final round of the BP Portrait Award at National Portrait Gallery in London, something you can hear me talk about in Swedish Public Radio
There’s an intimate relationship between oil and canvas that no other medium can rival, so I try to attack my paintings in an honest and intuitive manner. I’m also captivated by the tactile quality of oil paint, which is why I enjoy painting in layers with different textures and abstract shapes that come together from a distance when all the pieces are in place. 
If you’re interested in purchasing or commissioning a painting, please contact me and let me get back to you. You can also find more information on my Swedish website beställa porträttmålning.